Why Not Nightclub, George Street

Located under Edinburgh’s Dome Restaurant on George Street, Why Not Nightclub offers large seating areas and a large dance floor. The club caters to a large number of singles as well as undergraduates, offering drink specials and charts music. Able to seat around 800 guests, Why Not’s roomy layout keeps it from feeling too packed. Open on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays the club’s cover charge is as reasonable as its drink specials.

Why Not’s Monday and Friday nights cater mostly to the student crowd. The club plays a blend of chart and cheese music to the undergraduate guests on these nights, while Saturday night panders more to the after work crowds looking for a good place to relax and unwind. Why Not’s admittance policies are more strict, requiring the proper identification for the nights in question. This is considered a fair policy and helps keep out the undesirables.

One of Why Not’s biggest perks is its pricing. With many specials on drinks, it is a popular place for party goers. Its Monday night Flare gives it a boost with those who want to extend their weekend partying. When school terms are in full session, this club is always packed. The large central dance floor is roomy enough for the clientele wanting to dance the night away. The club has enough seating, though, for those wanting a more intimate setting. Either way, Why Not delivers on what club goers want most: room enough to move with affordable entertainment.

Unlike many of Edinburgh’s nightclubs, Why Not doesn’t depend on fancy decor or special themes to draw in its guests. Club goers are happy with what it has to offer, mainly a fun time at an affordable price. With the good crowds it attracts, guests are sure to make friends with others their own age and gain a meeting place for more good times to come. Why Not delivers on its promise for an enjoyable night out with dancing, libations and good company.

For someone wanting an inexpensive night out amidst a good crowd, Why Not is definitely a club to check out.

14 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PF
Telephone: 0131 624 8633

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